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Entry Form Instructions

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Click Here for the Proposed/Provisional Running Order which may be subject to change.

Please Read before completing the Entry Forms

  • Completed All-Ireland Entry Forms are to be sent by E-Mail only. Entries sent by post will no longer be accepted
  • If you have any problems Downloading, Completeing or Sending the form, you can contact me (John Flynn) at 087 9134519 or e-mail me at and I will be happy to help if I can.
  • Save the form as a file ‘All-IreEntry2014- ’YourClub’ on your computer and complete it ‘On Screen’ and return it by e-mail to or the address on the forms. I will send you an acknowledgement of receipt by return e-mail.

  • Should you need to make any alterations to your race or crew line up, you can simply make the necessary adjustments to your own soft (electronic) copy and e-mail the amended document direct to me. Again, I will send an acknowledgement.
  • On pages 2 & 3, the Race Entry Pages, Place an ‘X’ in the appropriate boxes and enter the number of crews in the boxes in the bottom row . It is permissible to enter as many crews in each race as you like subject to the following conditions.
  • At the bottom of page 3, enter the name of the Club Captain or the person who will be acting in that capacity over the Championships weekend.

Race Crews

Clubs may enter as many crews per race as they wish subject to the following conditions:

a)     In the Ladies’ and Men’s categories, a club cannot enter a second crew in either the Intermediate, Junior or Senior races unless they have entered at least one crew in the other two races. Similarly, they cannot enter a third crew in one unless they have entered two crews in the other two races, and so on.

b)    If one crew from a club is deemed to have deliberately or negligently committed a foul which benefits another crew from the same club, then both crews will/may be subject to penalty/disqualification.

  • The Given Race Running Order will be agreed at the time of the Draw. Based on previous experience, the Race Order may be subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  •   Closing Date for Receipt of Entry Forms is Wednesday 30th July 2014. 
  •   After submission of your original entry form, should you require to make amendments will you please highlight those amendments so that I can easily find them.
  •   In the Open Races, (Open Classic, Seine Boats, Heritage & FISA Classes, etc.) Crew Members are not required to be registered. Similarly the rules applying to Composite crews do not apply. Details of these crews should be furnished simply for the purposes of the Prize Giving Ceremony only and to distinguish each crew where a club enters more than one crew in an Open Race.
  •  When a club enters more than one crew in a race, the crews will be placed in the draw based on the order they are given in crew list, i.e. Crew No. 1 will be Crew A in the Draw. Crew No. 2 will be Crew B and so on. Clubs are not permitted to allocate their crews to their chosen berths after the draw. Crews found to have switched berths will each be disqualified.
  •  In the Crew List Club Column, it is not necessary to enter your club’s name every time, one single time is sufficient and I will fill in the remainder. Similarly if 3rd and subsequent crews are entered in a race, it is only necessary to enter the race name once for each crew.
  •  The numbered positions 1 to 6 on the form have no meaning as regards the crew members position in the boat, just how many rowers are entered in that particular crew Panel. Generally, 4 rowers out of the Panel of 6 can row, Please refer to the relevant ICRF Rule.
  • Only one Person from each crew panel (including the Cox) can be a Composite Member (from another club), to indicate a Composite Member simply enter the name of the club of which the panellist is a member.

Code of Ethics Requirements

A new section has been added to the form, this relates to the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children in Coastal Rowing. This was adopted in 2009 and is now being fully implemented.

Specifically, two items in the Code of Ethics and/or Rule Book that will now affect clubs entering crews in these two categories.

  • All Coxswains in charge of Children’s Crews (Crews Under 18 and younger) must have attended a Child Welfare Course organised and given by a Sports Council approved body and they must hold a valid and current (in date) certificate.  All such Coxswain’s names, Certificate No. and Certificate Expiry date must be supplied in ‘Child Welfare: Part 1’ section of the form.
  • Like all large sporting events, photographic images will be taken at the All-Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships. It is recommended that we obtain Parental Consent to publish photographic images where close ups of Children are used and/or their names are given (for example on our website or in the print media).
    1. It is not practical for us to have to receive individual consent forms from every parent so we are asking each club to obtain such consent from the Parents of their Underage Members and advise us by completing ‘Child Welfare: Part 2’ on the page 19.
    2. Please note that failure to complete this section will be taken by us as permission being refused and photographic images will not be published of any Underage crews from your club.
    3. There is no issue with the taking and publishing of photographic images of children’s crews where the subject matter is clearly about the sporting action and is not concentrating on, or specifically identifying individuals in the boat and this practice will continue as normal.
    4. It is permissible to delay sending page No. 17 (Child Welfare: Part 2) until Friday 8th August 2014, otherwise it will be taken that permission has been refused for all Children from your club.
    5. Please Note we will not go chasing clubs for this consent form, it is each club’s own responsibility to ensure that it is submitted on time.
    6. 300-209

Page 19 can be Downloaded Separately by clicking on the Ticket.

Entry Fee Instructions

Please Read before completing these forms

  • Print page 20 Entry Fees only. (Can be downloaded separately to Print)
  • Complete the Form.
  • 070-336

  • The completed Entry Fee Form along with Fees, Insurance Documentation & Life Jacket Certification/Documentation must be sent by post to:

Johanna King,

Cromane Upper,

The Lake,


Co. Kerry

  • Closing Date for Receipt of Entry Fees is Friday 1st August 2014.


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