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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the new Code of Ethics page of our new website.  Our sport has seen many changes over the years.  The newest and most important is how we look after our children’s welfare.  We have put many hours into developing this Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children in Coastal Rowing and we are very proud to stand by it and we ask that you all embrace the changes and the challenges the ‘Code’ presents us with and we further ask that you open yourself up to new ways of protecting the welfare of the young in our sport.

Our children are our legacy and our future, and we must instill in them our sense of pride and love for our sport.  They can then carry our age old tradition on for many years to come.  Their safety and well-being is paramount to this.  In our endeavours, we must strive to help, care and encourage them positively.  For our sport to grow, we must unite together against the negatives and make our sport and all its participants the very best they can be.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this change and we would like to thank you all for your kind support and assistance in this endeavour.  This has not been an easy job, but it is worthwhile when we can sit back and know that we have all made a difference.

“You are never a loser until you quit trying” – Mike Ditka

Yours in Sport

Laura Matthews                                                                                   Elaine Nelson

Joint National Children’s Officers

The Code has been adopted and is now being implemented by the Irish Coastal Rowing Federation and our affilliated clubs and associations. It has been encouraging to see the common sense approach to the adoption of the code at club level, which has resulted in protection for young people and leaders.

If young people are to stay involved in Coastal Rowing throughout their adult life, they need to be equipped with the fundamentals to remain involved with sport and physical activity. Equally we need to ensure that their early experiences are positive and enjoyable, irrespective of their ability, gender, social class, race, etc. It is encouraging to see adults, both volunteers and professionals, contribute to these positive experiences by acting as role models in all dealings with young people.

In particular the work of Children’s Officers at club and national level is instrumental in implementing the Code. We need to build on this valuable work to ensure that all young people see sport and physical activity as an important and valuable aspect of their lives that they will sustain throughout their adulthood.

Please download our Code of Ethics and take the time to study it and absorb its recommendations, requirements and guidelines. They may have serious implications for you as an individual on how you conduct yourself towards others and how others conduct themselves towards you.

Important Garda Vetting Information:

The Garda Vetting / Children’s Welfare process is ever changing and evolving.  The latest evolvement is the following:

  • the Garda vetting form has changed slightly. The declaration at the back of the page has a slight amendment and now requires the mandatory completion of “position for which you are applying”.  It is recommended that you put “coach” in this section.

  • the procedure itself is changing. This does not affect you unless there is a disclosure on your form.  In this instance, you will now receive a phone call directly from the Garda vetting unit asking you whether you wish to proceed with your application. You can at this point decline and ask that your application be discarded. Alternatively you can proceed and the disclosure will be made known to the authorised signatory for our sport who shall determine whether or not you pose a risk to the sport (as is currently the case).

The procedure for submitting your application has not, and will not change. All applications must still come through your association C.W.O. who sends them to the ICRF C.W.O.

It is important to note that these changes take effect from the 27th June 2014, at which point the Garda vetting form we have been using will no longer be accepted after this date. If you are already in the system this will not affect you.

Click on the Appropriate Button to download the desired document.

Click Here for the Garda Vetting Form (June 2014 Version)

Code of Ethics in PDF Booklet format

Use this form for Club Volunteer & Sports Leader Applicants

Use this form for Junior Club Membership Applicants

Use this form to Issue to Referees / Record References

Use this form to record allegations of Abuse/Inappropriate Behaviour

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