2018 AGM News

Article Uploaded : 01/07/2018 by Irish Coastal Rowing

The 2018 ICRF Annual General Meeting took place in Portlaoise yesterday. Following our experiences over the last year, this turned out to be a much more positive and productive meeting and the future is definitely looking more positive.

The Main Points were:

Election of Officers:

Following the Election of Officers, the new Board of the ICRF are:

  1. President: Bill Deasy, Chairman: Victor Bridges, Vice-Chairman: Noel Matthews, Secretary: John Flynn, Treasurer: Johanna King, Safety Officer: Joe McAllister, Communications Officer: Mary B. Teahan, Child Protection Officer (North): Elaine Nelson, Child Protection Officer (South): Charlie Dayman, Registrar: Marguerite Carley. The positions of Assistant Secretary & Merchandising Officer were eliminated.

Direct Club Affiliation:

In order to be compliant with Good Governance, there is a need for a direct link between the ICRF and our clubs on matters of Governance, Oversight, Management & Transparency. To achieve this, clubs will from this year forward affiliate directly to the ICRF. Clubs will still maintain their affiliations with their regional associations who will continue to organise and run Local Regattas and Events as they have always done and for the time being will continue to affiliate to the ICRF where they will continue to represent their clubs at the ICRF Level and maintain their voting rights. Full details will be circulated in the coming days.

All-Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships:

As scheduled, the 2018 All-Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships will be taking place in Wexford on the Weekend of 17th, 18th & 19th August next where clubs and crews will fight it out for the National Titles in Irish Coastal Rowing. This will be the 27th year our National Titles will be up for competition. A lot of time and effort has been spent putting together an unbeatable schedule of which we are very proud and we have added a number of new and exciting races which we really believe will stir the imagination of our clubs, crews and their supporters. Details and entry forms will be circulated in about two weeks.