Glorious Sunshine and Perfect Rowing Conditions for Sneem Regatta

Article Uploaded : 19/06/2017 23:24:58 by Irish Coastal Rowing

The first coastal rowing regatta of the 2017 season took place on sunday last with crews taking to the water in perfect rowing conditions. The first race up was the Seine Boat with the Liberator taking the honours ahead of Cnuicin, this was a change in the programme and it was great to see these boats out holding up our traditional rowing at its best with 12 men to a boat it is always a fab race to watch. Next up was the turn of the Four Oars and there was some fantastic races in store with the judges on the line having a busy day. The results of the 4 oars was as follows

U14 Girls 1st Valentia 2nd Portmagee 3rd Cromane

U14 Mix 1st Valentia 2nd Sneem 3rd Cromane

U16 Girls 1st Callinafercy 2nd Valentia 3rd Cromane

U16 Boys 1st Cromane 2nd Callinafercy 3rd Valentia

U18 Girls 1st Templenoe 2nd Valentia 3rd Cromane

Senior Men 1st Callinafercy 2nd Valentia Sneem

U18 Boys 1st Callinafercy 2nd Cromane 3rd Valentia

Senior Ladies 1st Sneem 2nd Valentia 3rd Callinafercy

The under age racing was simply sentilating with Callinafercy Under 16 Girls catching the eye and one of the closest races of the day was the Under 14 Girls with Valentia and Portmagee very close finish with Cromane in close persuit. The Senior Ladies of Sneem started the season in a very focussed manor and talking to their cox Mike Shea he was happy enough .... Gold Medal and cox happy enough just goes to show the high standards this cox is expecting for the season.

All roads lead to Cromane next weekend with draw for the buoys down for 2.30 the first race of the day is Under 12 at 2.50 and the seine boat down for 5.50 it is always a crowd favourite with the action being so close to the land and you can walk along beside and see the whole race. This year the club has organised a fund raiser an Australian Christmas Day Swim santa hats and all so please donate on the day to a Rowing Club who has tradition at heart of their club.